Legacy Control is a Webcomic chronicling the antics of three friends. It’s about life, video games, pop culture, and all things geeky. It’s short on continuity and heavy on adult humor. A new strip is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Creator

Hello, my name is Javis, and I am the creator of Legacy Control. I’m a father, a husband, a gamer, a geek, a nerd, a hermit, and sometimes a cartoonist. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and I give this city crap sometimes, but I do love it dearly. It will always be home.

The Name

I struggled with naming the comic for a while. I landed on Legacy Control for a number of reasons. The first being that it sounds rad (search your feelings, you know it to be true). The second reason is that I am a gamer. Before becoming a father, I was the hardest of cores. But, as many of you know, having a family softens your core a bit.

More specifically, I played the bejesus out of GoldenEye 64. That control scheme became known as Legacy, and it was engrained into my soul. I lamented its absence from some games, but when The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion came out, I played with the “default” control scheme, as I did not have Legacy as an option. I have since switched over to default full time, but never recaptured the accuracy I enjoyed with that archaic configuration.

Third, I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I have decades of unfinished sketches and ideas. Without a career in which my esteemed Associates Degree in Graphic Design can be readily put to use, I felt my creative legacy slipping away. So I decided it was time to take control of it hence, Legacy Control was wrought.

The Characters



This character is a representation of me, the “me” that most people get every day. A bit angry, and a bit aggressive. He does physically resemble me, but he is of course an exaggeration. He is a gamer, is wracked with anxiety and has contempt for nearly everyone.



NiCad is based mostly on my younger brother. He likes to party, and is often found in the company of spirits. I take some liberties with his character as he is primarily a non-geek. I forgave him of this trespass and allowed him to inhabit the world of Legacy Control anyway. I hope he is aware of what a great honor I have bestowed upon him. He is a DJ by trade, has little patience for anything, and sees little value in self improvement.


Rabbit (aka Rabs)

Rabs is based, aesthetically, on a stuffed Rabbit that my late grandmother gave me as a youngster. I loved that thing dearly. OK, I still have it secured in a vault, and retrieve it to smell it every once in a while. His personality is based on a hybrid of friends and family, but mostly on the “me” that is afraid of everything but tends to get the most accomplished. The “secret me”, that, well, I guess isn’t so secret anymore. Rabbit is brilliant, dabbles in the sciences and tends to be the voice of reason.

Other Info

I spent about two months developing the three unique characters for Legacy Control. I used up probably three full sketch pads getting them to a point that I was happy with (I may post those early sketches at some point). I started drawing the strip in December 2010, and got the website up in April 2011.
To draw the strip I use a WACOM Tablet (which is embarrassingly old), Photoshop CS5, and an equally old MacBook Pro. I believe its no longer powered by its battery, but fueled by its hatred for me. I would like to incorporate some traditional media comics with the digital strips someday as well.
I do hope to someday make Legacy Control my full time job, as right now it is very difficult to get strips out three times a week, with the quality I feel comfortable with. Having a full time job, a family and all the other responsibilities that come with these things, it leaves very little time for anything else right now. It is sort of killing me. But fear not, Legacy Control is my catharses, and as such, its not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Legacy Control.

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