This character is a representation of me, the “me” that most people get every day. A bit angry, and a bit aggressive. He does physically resemble me, but he is of course an exaggeration. He is a gamer, is wracked with anxiety and has contempt for nearly everyone.

NiCad is based mostly on my younger brother. He likes to party, and is often found in the company of spirits. I take some liberties with his character as he is primarily a non-geek. I forgave him of this trespass and allowed him to inhabit the world of Legacy Control anyway. I hope he is aware of what a great honor I have bestowed upon him. He is a DJ by trade, has little patience for anything, and sees little value in self improvement.

Rabbit (aka Rabs)
Rabs is based, aesthetically, on a stuffed Rabbit that my late grandmother gave me as a youngster. I loved that thing dearly. OK, I still have it secured in a vault, and retrieve it to smell it every once in a while. His personality is based on a hybrid of friends and family, but mostly on the “me” that is afraid of everything but tends to get the most accomplished. The “secret me”, that, well, I guess isn’t so secret anymore. Rabbit is brilliant, dabbles in the sciences and tends to be the voice of reason.