Its gross I know. It has to be graphic in order to adequately illustrate the dangers of taking a shit without your iPhone. Don’t do it…its horrible.

Ok, the results of Wednesdays post, the “Experiment”. Well, it has left more questions than answers to be honest. It turns out it was only my 3rd most popular comic over all, and my 3rd most day of traffic as well. Though it seemed to piss some people off on reddit, it was split down the middle with positive and negative feedback. I think they felt duped, but that was the joke, and I didn’t lie when describing the link. It seem reddits up and down voting system does work to some degree, but I am totally baffled by all of the up votes that some of the links on the front page have. I think the results were skewed a bit because of the time I originally posted. Oh well, still a lot of traffic generated, and hopefully picked up some new readers.

I bought and played about an hour of Bastion today. Its a hand painted action rpg from the xbox live arcade. So far, I am totally in love. In love with the art, the music, the combat, and the narration. I hope to put some more time into it this weekend.

I think I mentioned this last post but just in case I didnt, you should really check out ( He is the guy who brought us the Minecraft soundtrack. Nuff said.