The Strip: This Skyrim conversation came about after talking to my bud “B” over at These giants…they are a peaceful race who love their giant wooly pets and, from my understanding, “Don’t start no stuff, wont be no stuff.” That said, these  big fellas invite harassment. They wear bones as accessories…I mean c’mon.

Gaming: Skyrim

The first american style RPG I had ever played was Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I played this game despite having no “Legacy Control” option, and it actually changed me over to “default style game play. Now, for a game to do something like this, it had to be special..nod oh lord..was it ever. I had never been so engrossed and engaged in a world.

Here is what is so awesome about Skyrim, it engenders the same deep connection, with out being the same game with improved visuals. Oh but let me assure you, it has improved visuals, and how.

Everything feels very familiar, familiar but improved. The combat, menus and interactions all feel more intuitive and polished. You’re not pigeonholed into a character role right off the bat. Your character evolve into the character you are playing as. I am currently playing as a Nord, that goes by the name of Stark…turns out, not as original as I thought it was. I was sure I was going to be a big hulking two handed weapon wielding bad ass. As it turns out, I am an archer and a mage. A wholly different choice than I made on Oblivion.

I have never had more “Oh wow” moments in a game before. I will tell you about one of them. I had struck out from the safety of Windhelm on a quest to some undiscovered town. I had come upon a horse in a small encampment of resistance fighters, who had graciously allowed me the use of this “fine” steed.

I had being trying to go around a mountain to get to my destination, and felt it was taking too long. I then decided it was time to go over the mountain the stood between myself and completing my mission. I found some mountain trails that provided easy passage for me and my cloven companion, and was thoroughly enjoying  the Skyrim sunset.

By the time I had traversed half the mountains height, night fell and I marveled at the shadows cast by dual moons and breathtaking starlit night. This alone was an “Oh wow” moment. A I cantered along at a modest clip as  a sense of dread began to descend. This isn’t video game dread, like…”oh man I hope I saved before that last death.” It was real world dread. Like, “I think I might not make it out of this unscathed”, kind of dread.

The trail I had been following leveled out and started meandering through the landscape alongside a proud river. I had momentarily forgotten the sinking feeling, as I was again lost in the beauty before me. Thats when I heard it, the blood thirsty howls of the wolves. They were on me and Princess Rainbow (yeah thats what I named the horse, shut up), before I could devise any strategy. I dismounted and fought these apt predators back and sent them to dine in digital wolf hell.

I glanced around to locate my mount once more, and realize the she, in a panic, had tried to cross the river to escape the jaws of the pack. The current proved to be too much for my new friend and was subsequently swept over the waterfall to the jagged rocks below. Remorse for Princess Rainbow quickly receded when I realized, low on potion and food,  I had a great distance to cover to make it to the safety within the walls of my objective.

Genuine panic washed over for me for a moment. I thought “Oh My God…how am I going to make it through this?” The panic actually snapped me out of the total immersion I had been experiencing, I was wholly IN Skyrim. There aren’t many games that have ever done that for me. Needless to say…All other games are now lit by the light cast from Skyrim…Its the Alpha and the Omega.

TV/Movies: Nothing…Just drawing comics and Skyrim

Music: Dubstep: Backburner Freak me…if you want to dance, go listen to this song.

Life: I am going to have a couple of great guest comics next Monday and Wednesday on the site. This will give me enough time to hopefully work ahead on the strip, and get some other much needed (Legacy Control related) stuff finished. I am sure you will love the strips:)

Friday, hopefully I get to look at my Skyrim Window some more.