The Strip: This strip may be obscure for those who do not follow the webcomic world. Scott Kurtz, the creator of PVP (one of the forefathers of the webcomics, posted a blog about a new advertising strategy. In short, it involved product placemtn in the the strip.Go here for the whole story (¬† ). It just made sense to me, and I am a long, long, long (I could fill up the blog with “long’s” ) way from being a Kurtz, but I wold love to approach my strip in a “Kurtzian” manor, as he IS one of my idols. Thats basically what the strip is about.

Gaming: I had a fantastic weekend of videogaming. I Played about two hours more of Bastion Friday night, went to Arcade Legacy again for a great night of pinball and Mortal Kombat 3, and played a bit of Minecraft tonight. Bastion…I love you. The soundtrack is amazing. When the “siren” comes in, the music invokes deep emotions in me for some reason. Perhaps I lived sometime before the calamity, never can tell with these sorta’ things…You could never tell’th kid that though.

TV/Movies: Well, its Sunday night, so True Blood was on…I m becoming more and more disappointed with this season. Tonights episode started very weak, just as the two previous episodes were, but it ended pretty strong tonight, so there is still a glimmer of hope.

Life: Had a fantastic day of swimming with my family on Saturday, arms are tired from throwing my daughter up in the air while in the pool.

Have a great week.