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Ah shark week…or as I like to call it “Give me fucking nightmares week.” I’m afraid of sharks, like very very afraid. When I was younger I was afraid of the deep end of pools because I was worried that a trap door would open in the bottom and a shark would come out. My daughter, on the other hand, loves shark week and sharks in general. She would have a pet shark if she could. Her birthday this weekend was a “Shark Party.” There were blow up sharks and fake severed limbs in the pool. We’re getting her looked at next week.

This comic actually came about at my daughters party while speaking to her uncle. We thought there should be other animal weeks, and he suggested Giraffe’s, then I thought it would be a good idea if I had one lunging out of the water after a baby seal. No…it only has to make sense to me. Anyway a big thanks to Mike (Bubby) Tarvin for the idea (As promise, your name is up in internet lights).

Monday, Monday Gotta get drunk on Monday (to numb the pain).