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This comic may make it seem like I don’t like Black Ops II. Quite the opposite. I love the shit out of it. The thing is about these annualized COD games is…they are always good and every year they have a few little tweaks. New modes, new maps and pretty much nothing but nuances that people who play these games catch and appreciate.

The big separator of Treyarchs Black Ops 2 is the Zombie mode. I haven’t wholly dug into it yet, but what I have played so far looks and feels great. There are a few things that I may not like but it is too early for me to make that call. Gimme a week or so.

What I am loving about the game so far is the load out mechanic. Instead of having certain limits for certain sections of your load out (i.e. perks, gun attachments etc.) you just have a certain amount of slots available over all. I think this was a brilliant move of Treyarchs part. It allows for much more freedom to play the way you prefer.

I have yet to really dig in to any other modes than Core Team Deathmatch. I can’t wait to explore all of the options. So if you enjoy the FPS genre at all, do yourself a favor and pick up Black Ops II.

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