The Strip: I have owned and played nearly all of the GTA games. I have finished exactly zero. There just are not elements there that can keep me hooked. I will have to get “V” upon its arrival, and mayhaps…they will make the missions compelling enough to make me want to finish  it, or even get half way through…or even a quarter. I thought I saw somewhere on the internet that a shockingly low percentage of players actually complete the GTA games. You gotta think that has to bother the people that have toiled through the creation of these massive games. Helpful note: Fetch missions suck.
Gaming: I have been devoting every gaming moment to Battlefield 3. I had the misfortune of trying out TDM the night before last. It was terrible. Here is a quick breakdown of a match. Die, Respawn into gunfire Die, Rinse Repeat. The spawn algorithm is totally broken. I finally unlocked my first rifle in Recon class, and wow…what a difference. One shot, maybe 2 to put enemies down. Makes me feel like I am actually good. Its a strange feeling. I cant imagine what treasures the higher class unlocks hold. There is something more relaxing about BF3, as opposed to COD titles. There is more down time, and less importance is placed on your K/D. Its kind of nice. Even when I am sucking (currently my only iteration), I am still having a good time. We will see what, if any, shift next week brings.
TV/Movies: I am still painfully devoid of Breaking Bad. It sits upon my mantle mocking me.
Music: Been on this Celtic kick. Also listening to a little bit of Sonos, Cowboy Bebop OST and Portal 2 soundtrack (songs to test by).
Life: Why is it, that I get like 5 hours of sleep and feel just awful, but I get around 8 hours the next night and feel SO much worse? The wife is taking me to see Wicked this weekend. I am am not sure if I am more nervous that I will hate it, or enjoy it. Big damn week next week. Cant believe that Skyrim is finally almost here. I think it will change me, hopefully for the better. I really have no idea how I am going to handle this whole BF3 MW3 Skyrim love triangle. There literally isn’t enough of me to go around. OH AND THEN THERE IS MINECRAFT! Ugh…