Ha ha, so we will see if this little experiment works. I will tell everyone if I saw a huge increase in traffic, and from what source…I am taking bets. This isn’t actually a knock on reddit.com, but more on us…guys. If we something, well, like this, and we do know most of the time its going to be silly, we cant resist the urge to click. Its embarrassing.

I listened to C418’s new album today. Good stuff, you should go check it out (http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/72-minutes-of-fame). So on to Minecraft. Have I mentioned that I am looking forward to the adventure update? If not, here I go…I am looking forward to the adventure update. I am going to attempt to get on tonight and complete construction of various things, but really my servermates are putting me to shame with their aggressive and and challenging builds. I need to step it up.

The next game I am going to buy is probably going to be Bastion. I believe I spoke of it in a previous blog post, but it come sout this week. I will be sure to give yo my thoughts. there are also some pretty interesting indie games on deck, if only I had the time to check them all out.

I find myself craving some digital head shots lately. I have been away form competitive FPS action for too long. I miss my clan, I miss the hunt, I miss teabagging my freshly slain opponents. I am seriously considering repurchasing COD4 MW.

Off to surely melt due to this impossible heat. Later.