The Strip: Yeah, its my birthday. I wasn’t expecting to feel old, or older. But I feel like people keep pointing it out. So congrats. I feel old. I am not actually all THAT old. I just feel like it today. Sorry the strip is late. I got some much needed relaxation and sleep.

Gaming: No real gaming this weekend, save a little MW2 on Friday night. Still on the fence about Deus Ex tomorrow.

TV/Movies: True Blood last night, pretty good episode, though there was one section that had me groaning pretty bad. You will know when you get to it. I also watched the HBO documentary Superheroes. It is really good. It started off humorous to me, then ended in depression. I am not sure it was supposed to make me feel that way, but it did. I think the fact that we all (especially us in gaming/comic/geek world)want to do is what these people do. Put on a costume, go out and beat the shit out of bad guys. To be honest, these “real life superheroes” don’t really do that either. They are basically citizens on patrol…with capes. There was actually a time that my friend and I dressed up in costumes (The Crow) and “patrolled” his neighborhood. It was stupid, and dangerous. I definitely give the documentary a thumbs up. Mr. Extreme, and Master Legend should have their own shows.

Life: Just a relaxing 4 day weekend. So nice.

Enjoy your week,