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I played the ever loving shit out out of SOCOM and SOCOM II. I probably played more of SOCOM II because game shark broke the original iteration. There were internet demons floating through walls and shooting .50 cal sniper rifles like machine guns. It was a dark time.

When SOCOM II came out, I took an entire week off of work just to play, and lo it was glorious. I reached 4th place on the leader boards during the second week. Then…as we all know, the top million spots are reserved by cheating cheaters.

This game defined who I was was for years of my life. It was my first foray into FPSing and it took me wholly. I invaded my every though, I devised ludacris business plans around the game and It nearly made me and my girlfriend at the time break up on many occasions. I tried to explain that my clan matches were like any other team sport, and my team needed me. She didn’t get/buy it.

Which brings me to my clan, East Bay Killas [EBK]. Though, I was never a fan of our name, I was a huge fan of the guys I played with. I still talk with a handful of the guys and consider them brothers for life. So here is a little shout out to my fellas: Velasquez, Cyclops, Blount, P.Parker, Eleazar, Djrevision, Escobar and DredPirate… I’m EBK til the day I die.

We all know the franchises fate. We shall not speak of it. Now if you will, a moment of silence for today, the servers were shut down on SOCOM II, and with it…a little piece of me.