After years of investigation, I’ve discovered the “tweet spot”. So follow me on twitter for your free tweet based orgasm*.

*You won’t have an orgasm.

An exciting wwdc this year. Man that new Macbook pro looks HOT! Also very expensive. I was most impressed the with advancements in ios6. Finally turn by turn navigation.

Guys…tomorrow is pay day or as I like to call it now…buy more magic cards day…I may have a serious problem here people. It’s possible that I may need an intervention…if anyone does stop by for an intervention though, please bring your cards so we can get a game in.

My man man Kevin (web ninja) has just sent the most recent mock up of Legacy Control 2.0 and I am excited. I hope you all like it as well. Should be dropping very very soon with a bunch of new sweet additions to the site.

May your Wednesday be filled with orgasms.