The Strip: So yeah, if you haven’t watched the trailer for The Avengers yet, and you are in to rad things that rock hard and are also awesome, and you want to get so hard that your dick rips open…go watch it NOW!

Gaming: I am falling deeper and deeper in love with Dead Island. I love its hair, its eyes, its scent. I love the way it laughs…you know how it moans a little at the end. Its just so damn fun, and there is just so much to do. Also…did you hear that there are fucking DRAGONS in Minecraft now? So RAD!!

TV/Movies: Uh, The Avengers trailer!

Music: Ok, so a while back I started listening to this podcast called A life Well Wasted, by Robert Ashley . The podcast was about videogames and the peopel who love them. I suggest you check it out if you are one of said people. But the guy has gone rogue and is persuing his music career in a “Coultian” fashion. Go check his tunes. You hear some video game influence, and also some Flaming lips. Great stuff.

Life: Not much changed since Mondays post. I kind of feel like I am relapsing into illness.

Happy Wednesday,