The strip: I was warned by a friend that this strip would “date me.” My age actually dates me already, so I am ok with it. If you are not familiar with The Noid, or Spud Mckenzie and the “Where’s the beef” lady, then…lucky you. But, mark my words… they will all be back.

Gaming: I played the demo for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet… or Patapon in space… or what ever it is. Seemed pretty good, but I am just not into it. Bastion has kind of ruined live arcade games for me. I am currently downloading Dust. So we will see how that goes.

Music: Check out the band Y La Bamba. It’s not what you think its going to be. The lead singer will frighten and arouse you with both her haunting melancholy voice, and her fashion model turned roller derby girl look.

TV/Movies: I watched the Barney movie today. Don’t worry. I’m ok. Here is the shocker. It was better than I thought it was going to be. They actually put in a real effort for this thing. the set design was impressive. I was somewhat interested…I know how this sounds, but when you have kids, you cling to any morsel of enjoyment you can.

Life: My daughter turned six today, cant believe it. She is growing up so fast *sniff*, ahem. So me and the family went down to theĀ Newport Aquarium and checked out some penguins. I could literally sit in that shark theater all day. I actually touched one, a shark that is. It felt like I thought it would, like a water demon. A godless killing machine hellbent on eating everyone and everything on this planet. You can sense that they are constantly trying to evolve lungs and legs. I need to add a new chapter to my “End of the World” preparedness manual. Fucking sharks.

[yes, there is most likely a strip forthcoming on the subject]

Have a great Friday!