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The Strip: Yeah I rad and then Tweeted that I wanted to do a strip on this but the strip had already written it self. So this is what I ended up again.

Gaming: Got into some more BF3 Saturday…real late actually, and had fun…but came to the realization that I will always suck at it…always. I think i may get I Am Alive tonight and give it a whirl.

TV/Movies: So I watched Zookeeper with Kevin James…and I didn’t hate it…don’t judge.

Music: Skirllex…wub wub.

Life: I have really been trying to draw stuff outside of the comic and has made a difference, in at least my confidence if not my over all quality. As I have said in other posts, I have been listing to a lot of stand up lately and really trying to pay attention to timing and delivery of the comics I love most. I hope some of their talent will seep into my writing..soon.

May you slay Monday like the dark serpent it is.