The Strip: So my back is still giving me trouble, so I felt compelled to do a strip about it. I’m sorry that it’s gross again.

Gaming: I have nothing new to report game-wise, but wanted to share this: I walked out of my door the other morning and it was a little chilly, and rainy. It seemed like an early fall day, and I was immediately transported to my room in my parents’ house, playing games. God I miss that. So hard.

Music: Listened to some Jeff Buckley today. Man, I have been listening to Grace for many years now, and I seriously can’t get sick of it. If you haven’t listened to Jeff before, please start immediately. You’ll be better for it.

Life: I think my son is an evil genius. Also, my daughter is going to private school. It’s like the world is trying to wring from my broken husk every last penny it can.