In some regions my tweets are endangered as they are poached for their medicinal  organs. You should follow my tweets on Twitter before they hunted to extinction.

This is only a slight exaggeration of the relationship my relationships have/have had with games. I like to play, but once I pop…I just cant stop. I can and will play for an eighteen hour stretch if no one intercedes. I have somehow trained my body to ignore life sustaining necessities during a being like this. I can survive on Mt. Dew and Advil. I don’t generally even have to use the restroom…I guess my body just recycles it. It’s not actually as bad as I make it seem, at least as my wife is concerned. She gives my game time (be it Magic the Gathering, PC or Xbox gaming).

I have been listening to a constant cycle of Alex Clare, Fun and Skrillex and I’m just fine with that. I suggest you listen to all three. I may have mentioned this, but if Skrillex comes on, my son (2) is incapable of not dancing. He just starts bouncing. It brings me joy.

So I finally started to play Diablo II, and love it deeply. I will dive deeper into it for Friday’s strip. The multiplayer is a blast, it’s visually stunning and it plays to every O.C.D. and that will and does put it’s hooks in me…I’m slightly frightened.

May your Wednesday be filled with Christmas cheer (yeah, I can do that).