The strip: Ludo was a blast to draw. What, you may ask, in the fuck is Ludo doing at the Legacy Control compound? The answer is simple. The family was watching that very strange, but great movie, Labyrinth. You know, the one where David Bowie’s pants are inappropriately tight. So of course, the ┬áBog of Eternal Stench reminded me of the smell that comes from my balls after a marathon gaming session. So there you have it.

Gaming: I played some co-op Dead Island with some friends and I laughed a lot. Most of the hijinks happened while the 3 of us were whippin’ around that zed infested paradise in a little pickup truck and gathering Xp by slamming into the scantily clad undead. Also racing to splatter the head of our shambling foes, what good clean fun.

TV/Movies: I have a feeling a movie which I will call “Kristin Dunst gets all kinds of naked” will soon make its way into my sweaty grip. Nothing outside of that delightful prospect though.

Music: Listen to some C418 today at work. Man, the Minecraft soundtrack really does soothe the soul.

Life: Sick as a dawg. Which is the gangster version of a dog from my understanding, so way sicker than a normal dog. What I’m trying to say is I am sick, so I must really love you all because I powered through this strip with a seething headache, and wrenching cough. I was aching from, head to toe. My offspring have a tendency to allow unwelcome illnesses into our domicile.

Wednesday… fuck yeah.