The Strip: This strip is really about anxiety. Its a frequent topic of debate betwixt myself and my wife. Apparently she wants to go places where there are other people and interact with them. This seems to be a common thing among her species. Me…I don’t like it, and feeling like I have to go to mount doom isn’t to far off from how I actually feel about it.

Gaming: So we finally picked up our Kinect with Fruit Ninja, and Gunstringer. We of course picked up the obligatory dance game…specifically Dance Central 2. We spent nearly the entire day taking turns dancing our sweet bootays of. The kids both love it as well.I suggest picking one up if you have larva of your own. My qualm with Dance Central 2: It has a relatively small track list, and you can import the songs from the first iteration of the game for a small fee of 400 microsoft points…but only if you have actually purchased the original game. Yeah…fuck you too microsoft.

Music: Dance Central 2 soundtrack.

TV/Movies: I’ll tell you what I’m not watching…The Walking Dead…sigh.

Life: A great weekend was had by us and the kids. Played a lot of Dance Central 2, took them over to decorate my parents Christmas tree and had a relaxing (albeit short) weekend over all.

Do try to enjoy your Monday:)