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The Strip: I want this game badly but I know it will ruin me…completely. I would have to install Windows on my mac, give up sex forever, and lose everything. It almost seems worth it. I really tried to experiment artistically with this strip. I enjoyed it. I hope you do too.


Gaming: Just a very little amount of Minecraft yesterday. I killed things…for food.


TV/Movies: I watched The Green Lantern with my family last night…it still hurts. Though a brunette Blake Lively is something to behold.


Music: From the suggestion (he down right jammed it down my throat on spotify) of my buddy Eric I listened to The Art of Flight soundtrack…really really enjoyed it. I also listened to the Wicked soundtrack while drawing the comic…also great.


Life: I am super tired pretty much all I can think of at this very moment. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday.