The Strip: Yeah…this is all true with no exaggeration at all. Creepy I know.

Gaming: I have joined the Companions…A little late I know…but so far I am loving it.

TV/Movies: The wife and I watched THe Ides of March today, with a one Mr. Ryan Stare Face McLooky guy Gosling. He stares a lot is what I am saying. Pretty good film and it was cool to see all the local Cincinnati sites up in lights. Cool and very very strange.

Music: My son now has to have a constant rotation of the following songs: Sexy Chick (Akon), The Club Cant Handle Me (Flo Rida), Poker Face (Ga Ga), The Best Day Ever (Sponge Bob). He has taken a real liking to Dance Central 2. He can also perform a majority of the moves at this point. I may post a video.

Life: I may have mentioned it, but dammit am I sick. I should be getting better at this point but I feel like I am descending in to more sick. I wanted to also ask you fine folks to like Legacy Control on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already.

Wednesday it up friends!