I have in fact had a few tidbits of feedback telling me to tone down the cussing, and/or that it feels forced at times. I find it strange as the writing in the strip is exactly how I speak in real life. yes, I have a potty mouth. I come from a long line of potty mouths, and I am afraid my children may have teh same affliction. I will do m very best to make sure this isn’t the case.

So, I think I will take your advice. I will definitely be taking a second look at my strips and making sure the cussing in it, doesn’t feel forced (after this strip obviously). I will, however continue to include cursing in my strips. I think its important, as strange as that sounds.

I played a little Minecraft this weekend. Still playing in the nether a bit, and sprucing p the main compound some. I am still working on a massive construction project in the ocean. I will post pictures when its finished, as I am sure to be very proud. Read this past week that Notch will be including pistons in the next update. I cant wait. that is all.

Still debating weather or not to get Duke next week. My brother in law read a review that described it as a “Guilty Pleasure.” That doesn’t exactly have me foaming at the mouth to play.

Spoilers Maybe:

Game of Thrones tonight…Wow…just wow. How could they do that to us. My wife and I will be holding a candle light vigil after the kids are asleep. They have done a tremendous job, as I feel actual loss this evening. With this episode, they have galvanized their viewers. We will be seeing plenty more of Game of Thrones for years to come.

Alright, I have missed a lot of sleep this weekend, so I am off to bed. Good night all.