Ok, I know its early yet, but this comic is my knee jerk reaction to the news of  Call of Duty Elite. The details are, of course, still foggy but it is nothing more than Activision trying to capitalize on the sheer volume of online gamers it holds hostage.

As is, I spend over $60 dollars a year on COD title, then I usually buy the map packs, lets say 2 a year at $15 a pop, we are already up to $90 on one game (not to mention xbox live). Now we learn that there will be another tier of blood letting? I will reserve my harshest admonishments for when we receive full disclosure from Activision.

A warning to you Activision, moving forward in this cavalier fashion WILL ultimately alienate your base. How many years do you really think you have left in the COD franchise? Do you think it will spring eternal? I say, lets see what Respawn has to offer, they are the innovators, they are the ones that brought this gaming revolution to fruition.

I understand producing “Extra” content for a game cost money, but making it a mandate to pay for a service to receive said content, doesn’t even seem like it serves your purposes well. What about more content, with the ability to pick and choose your individual purchases, much like the iTunes store. The possibility exists to actually make MORE money.

About the social networking aspects of Elite. Having a “Facebook like” interface to get with other likeminded COD players, or local people who like the same things you do? We have something like that already, its called Facebook.

Again, this could all be a premature rant and I could end up being first in digital line to become an “Elite” CoD player. We can only wait and see.