The Strip: I know, I said no more Skyrim strips…but I cant help myself! The strip itself stems, specifically form a conversation I had with my Brother in-law, Tim. Turns out the AI in Skyrim isn’t the best, especially when if comes to sneaking. My other friend said that his sneak was so high that he could bend down right in front of someone and rob them dry. And no, I didnt mean a blowjob.

Gaming: I have played a bit more Skyrim since last we met, and I must say I am frustrated by how easily the bears and saber cats STILL whoop my nord ass. Its because of my pathetically low level..I know. I plan to remedy that this weekend..that is unless, Dance Central 2 doesn’t prohibit me.

TV/Movies: Watched a bit of 30 rock tonight. I always laugh my but off when ts on…I really should watch it more.

Music: Game of Thrones audio book of course.

Life: A whole lot of stuff i cant talk about actually. I just want to say again how much I love this time of year…yeah, as sappy as it sounds…I love Christmas!


Happy Friday!