I’ve been known to hang around Facebook and Twitter…so you should come up and see me some time.

Yeah, thats right people. If you don’t click on every ad you see on every website ever…you’re killing sickly orphans. I just thought you should know. I know ads are unsightly for the most part, though I am strange and actually like seeing the ads as long as they don’t pop up in front of the content, but it is how a lot of websites make any money at all.

I had a rare opportunity to play games for a few hours today and I chose to play MW3. I just needed some mindless shooting. I attempted to run and gun with a semi auto sniper rifle. It was quite fun though it did not produce many kills (two total I think). I miss the old days when I would devote hours a day, every day to the shooter of the moment. It’s slightly cooler in Cincinnati over the last couple of days, and is just a hint of the coming fall. When ever the first hint of cooler weather comes it starts my gaming engine right up. I’m ready..let the games begin.

Oh and a big thanks for my man Brian for, well everything, but specifically giving me the idea for todays strip:)

Monday…you’ll have to do better than that.