The Strip:

It wasn’t really Rabs who started reading The Game of Thrones series…it was me, if you were curious about that. Technically, I am not reading them so much as listening to them, which is just a fantastic way to read:) The book is indeed less TV acceptable than the HBO series…which is saying a lot.


Gaming: I have, again, been too far gone from the world of Skyrim. I will remedy that this fine evening. I have been having a lot of fun (as I mentioned in an earlier post) that I am having a lot of fun with MW3. I have been missing BF3 as of late as well, so I hope come this weekend I can also scratch that itch. Though, before Skyrim, and before MW3 or BF3 will come DANCE CENTRAL 2! I plan on picking up my online order tonight at Best Buy. I will acquire moves…moves that will knock your pants off.


TV/Movies: I am still reeling from the “mid-season” finale of Walking Dead. Fantastic, just fantastic. The wife and I watched Hangover II. It was, for the most part, pretty boring. Only a few laughs (albeit hard ones).


Music: No music, still Game of Thrones audio book…deal with it.


Life: Still trying to be better. Things have become clear…things will not change until something else changes. Sorry for the cryptic bullshit. In other news…I love Christmas! Getting some online shopping done, making my list, checking it twice and all that…I wish there were a way to give a gift to all of you! Any ideas, let me know.