Around my 18th birthday, I got heavily involved in bowling, mostly because it was cheap and open late. Also I had heard that “bitches love professional bowlers.” I believe that still holds true today. I became quite good very quickly and did so using a technique unlike any I had seen at the alley or any of the pros on television.

After I bowled a near perfect game, my “secret technique”, in my mind, was some breed of magic that I had stumbled upon. This silliness continued on for a few months until I damaged the ligaments in my forearms from overuse and had to devote myself fully to other endeavors (gaming).

I have since bowled casually with friends in recent years (days actually) and always go in thinking I am going to dominate with my “secret technique” ┬áthinking “its like riding a bike, right?”…wrong. I had apparently discovered something and let it slip through my fingers (literally). So instead of letting it drive me mad, I am going to let it go quietly into the night, for some other youth to uncover, and hope they can do what I could not.