The Strip: Lydia, for being my servant you got a real shitty attitude alright! But she is, underneath all that armor…still a woman…a woman who has needs just like me.

Gaming: I played a bunch of Dance Central tonight. Tried the UFC personal trainer again…it seem s that this game, more than other Kinect games requires  a bit more than the minimum distance from your tv. We will either have to get a bigger house…or never play it again…guess which its gonna be.

TV/Movies: I watched the iCarly bloopers special…and I loved every single damn second of it…what of it!?

Music: My friend Corey introduced me to some pretty great/funny dub-step today. Its called Borgore…Its oddly appealing.

Life: This “time off” isn’t proving as lucrative (comic wise) as I had envisioned. I will be ahead some…but not as much as I would have liked. I still have 4 more days off, but 3 of them are taken up by family gatherings, Holidays, or daddy duty…sooo…Oh well.

Wanted to give a shout out to my brother in-law Jeff Hoch. He’s a talented film maker and has a documentary about the internet gaming celebrity Ulillillia coming out soon. You can go here and check out the trailer.

You can also go here and check out what other projects he has cooking.

I’d like to give another shout out to my friend Russell, who encouraged me to do a strip about Lydia’s “Tude.” Thanks Russ. Also, you should go and vote for his awesome poster he has. It takes only a moment and it really is bad ass.

Happy Friday, and if I don’t see ya, a happy new year.