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The Strip: So yeah..seem alike I have apologize for my strips pretty often..this is another one of this times. So, the strip is a 2 parter, the other part is or will be up over at It stemmed from a conversation Colin, Brandon and I were having…it may have been on a podcast…I can’t recall. Well we were trying to figure out a way to supplement out incomes so we could draw our comics full time…of course prostitution came up and these strips were the result.

Gaming: No new gaming since Sunday, but I must say Minecraft is calling to me once again.

TV/Movies: Again, nothing new since Sunday.

Music: The Civil Wars…GO NOW AND LISTEN!

Life: I have 3 thoughts taking over my brain. 1. PAX East..I am pretty damn excited. 2. Minecraft. 3. Magic The Gathering. I’m a simple gamer with simple gamer needs.

Also, want to say how pround I am of my little angle today. She won an award for most well behaved in her class, Daddy is super ultra proud of you. Though she will never read this because she isn’t allowed to look at this comic:(

Happy Wednesday,