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I haven’t actually played Civilization V yet. Despite the urging from my friends. I totally plan on it, just not at the moment with Mgaic 2013 core pending (Friday!). So the idea from the strip was totally conceptualized by a good buddy and huge supporter of my strip Nick C. He is a stellar human and could very well just be a demigod.

I have the dark business of a company golf outing this Saturday. I enjoy gold and I will enjoy the guys I am partnered with (Bart and Rob) though there are some factors that may take away from the fun. First off its supposed to rain and possibly storm on Saturday which doesn’t mix well with golfing. Second, the place is almost an hour away from me so that is lame because I do not enjoy driving anywhere that is further than zero minutes away from my house. Third, since I am driving I can not drink. I would like to drink but can’t. Fourth and final reason…I hit golf balls Thursday and sucked bad. They had their own totally unique agenda from mine, the balls that is. My morale is shattered (as is my thumb from the impressive blister.

Hhhmmm…oh yeah and I am not sure if I told you all but I may have a staph infection on my leg. I am going to to doctor in the morning to try to asses weather or not it is, in fact, staph, or Quato form Total Recall. I can’t decide which would be better/worse.

Have a simply divine Friday!