Let me say first that my wife approved this comic and second, this did not actually happen…yet. I did read about a man who’s wife drugged him, cut off his landing gear, and ground it up in the garbage disposal. The report asserted that he had to undergo “emergency surgery.” This is so funny and so terrifying on so many levels. I read that the happy couple were getting a divorce, and that the woman said, as she was being hauled away for penis slaughter, “he deserved it.” There are a rare few crimes that are deserving of a “beheading”, and being an a-hole isn’t one of them. Or so I ‘m praying.

I am thinking about going to a local arcade this Saturday called Arcade Legacy. Not only do we share portions of a totally rad name, but they are an arcade. It seems a match made in heaven. If any fellow Cincinnatians have been and want to share your experiences there, please send me an email or tweet me.

Off to bed tonight as I got a late start on the strip. I had to roll around on the ground with a sweaty friend…don’t ask.