The Strip: I attended The Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend. I had a lot of fun as it was my first comic expo. There was a fair share of neck beards and unpleasant smells, but more than anything else there was just a lot of cool people. I met a lot of great talent, local and otherwise. I got some signed Walking Dead prints from Tony Moore… totally rad. I feel like I want to give shout outs to the local guys trying to make it, but I think i will just add them to my links on the side.

Jules and I (thanks for checking out the show with me Jules), saw many cos-players there, as there was a costume contest. I will upload all the pictures soon, and by “all” I mean about 5. All the costumes pictured n my strip I actually saw. Let me say that Deadpool in the third panel is an embellishment. There really should be a rule about having to wear a cup or something if you are going to dress like a hero that has a skin tight costume… I am not a fan of nerd junk.

Overall it gave me a lot of inspiration, and intimidation. the talent at the show was amazing. I am proud of my home town show, it was a great turnout, and it was a great venue. Cant wait for next year when I will have my very own booth! Lets hope it was enough of a success this year to have 2 days worth of activities.

Gaming: I have still been playing Minecraft of course. Still hunting desperately for the NPC village. I love the new bow charge, love it. I am also getting pumped up for Gears 3. Come Tuesday, i will turn in another all day gaming session!!

TV/Movies: I would usually just have finished True Blood… I do not like the fact that I haven’t. My wife and I watched the first five minutes of Stake Land…. It’s disturbing. I will have to watch it sometime during the day when I am in a better mood. The Vampire gnawing on a dead infant in the rafters… I have to be in the right frame of mind to endure something like that, and tonight is not the night my friends.

Music: I haven’t listened to a whole lot of music in the last week, I will remedy this first thing tomorrow.

Life: Taking a couple of days off this week in order to game it up, watch a rad concert and get some much needed grown up time with my wife.

May your week not blow as hard a it probably will.