Ah Halloween. You may have heard me mention how much I love it. Well I do…just to confirm. So the inspiration for this strip was obviously The Fly. I watched that movie when I was 10 or 11, and some parts of it still haunt me. If you haven’t watched it, you should.

I finally beat Borderlands 2 the other day, and still want to clean up a few missions, but it is perfect timing as I think i will be getting Assassins Creed III and then, of course, Black Ops II. I haven’t played any other AC games (I don’t really know why, it just never happened) and I would like to ask all of you if you think I will be fine picking the 3rd iteration and jumping right in? Let me know.

Also, I would like anyone out there who has had some experience with Lexapro or other anti-anxiety/depression meds,to let me know if you’ve noticed it not working after time. I can feel myself slipping back to how I used to feel. It’s freaking me out. So I would like any and all suggestions for meds that you all may have tried.

May your halloween night be filled with good natured fright and fun, and may the weather not dampen your spirits too much.

Happy Halloween,