The Strip: Sorry for the later than normal post. So yes, I did have the pleasure of seeing Jonathan Coulton live last night, and no, I didn’t throw my panties up on stage. They landed just shy on a young woman’s shoulder. JoCo opened up for They Might Be Giants, and they also rocked! It was a great show, though my wife should have jettisoned about 50% of the contents of her purse prior to the show. I, of course, had to hold the thing after her arm started hurting. It was heavy enough that it altered my posture and made my back revolt.

Gaming: Gears of War 3! I played for a better part of the day yesterday, and I plan to devote another large chunk of time to the game today. So far I am enjoying it, and doing better in multiplayer then I did in the beta. I plan to do a comic about it this week, so I will most likely give a deeper review in Fridays comic and post.

Music: JoCo and they Might Be Giants, baby!

TV/Movies: The wife and I watched Bridesmaids last night. We started it pretty late and I was worried about having the staying power to finish it. It kept me awake and laughing the whole time. It was a lot of fun. We also watched most of the Charlie Sheen roast. My god. The roasters are fearless.

Life: It is becoming more and more apparent that I need to get back on some kind of anxiety medication. It is becoming burdensome at this point.