I admit, I may have a Minecraft problem. I will do my very best to limit my Minecraft comics from now on. Maybe. Myself and a co-worker, who we will call Cupcake, actually had a conversation like this. We were a bit into the conversation before we realized that people where were probably overhearing our intimate words, and may have gotten the wrong idea. Or the right idea, depending on how you look at it.

I have ┬áset into motion the dark deed of getting this site more functional. With the capable hands of my “web warlock” (http://binaryarmor.blogspot.com/), this site should soon melt your face at its mere mention. Or at very least be prettier, and have working social networking buttons.

Its looking more and more like I am going to be going through a drought for buying full release games. Not a whole lot our for a month or two. So until then, I will just have to update you on my grand building projects in Minecraft. I do apologize.