The Strip: At first I wanted to write the strip so that the creepers actually came and blew shit up, as they tend to do, but I started thinking it was funnier that not all creepers explode, and some are just trying to get by, the best they can.

Gaming: Downloaded the final installment of Zombie maps for Black ops. It felt fabu to play the zombie factory once more. I have yet to play the new map. Hopefully tonight, or tomorrow. I have been craving some Minecraft, as its been a week since I have played ( I think. All the days blend together now). I just want to hold off  until the adventure update I think.

Nothing to report on the Music and TV/Movie front. I will try to remedy this by Fridays comic.

Life: My big girl starts kindergarten tomorrow…I will not cry…I will not cry…I will not cry…I will probably cry.

Happy Wednesday