Ok, let me assure you this did not happen. Though it was our anniversary this weekend, nothing spice related went down. In regards to bedrooms and/or vaginas anyway. Also, if a situation arose where i needed to spice “something”, I would definitely use garlic.

Game of Thrones was a great tonight. Little bummed we didn’t get any “bastard time” in. His story is very compelling. I am miffed that Time Warner cable and/or HBO isn’t on the ball with this HBO Go thing. I would be enjoying another entire episode of GoT right now, as those of you do who have an iPhone/iPad and a cable provider who is on the HBO Go train.

I got about an hour of playtime in on Gatling Gears. I have enjoyed this top down shooter thus far. Its pretty straight forward and not really doing anything new, but it does what it is supposed to do well. I would have liked to see some sort of Blocking, or directional shielding. Perhaps it shows up later in the game. There are pirate ships that you can upgrade your ship with but so far it looks to be kind of tacked on. I hope it becomes more robust and the game progresses.

I still have not picked up L.A. Noire, and I feel the window of opportunity to buy and actually play this game slipping by.