The Strip: It’s not actually as bad as the strip makes it out to be. There is that moment when you see yourself on screen, and I liken it to hearing a recording of your own voice. Its unpleasant. Unless you like your own stupid voice…in which case your wrong. Your own voice sounds dumb. Its universal. The game itself is super fun, and if you just convince yourself that you are “bustin’ it” like one of Brittany’s back up dancers, you will have fun. Also, beers help.

Gaming: I have been playing a lot of Dance Central 2 with my family…I don’t know if I had mentioned that. Also got a bit of Skyrim in…you know to break it up a little. I did intact jump on mine craft for a bit. It was like hooking up with an ex-girlfriend…who explodes…

TV/Movies: Watched the first episode of Breaking Bad tonight and I did enjoy it. I doubt it will take me completely as other shows have. The reason? No vampires, zombies, Games or thrones.

Music. I think I am just going to remove this section from the blog unless I have listened to something I want to talk about.

Life: I am sick. These damn children of mine are walking, festering illness harbingers. They are sick…then we are sick. It is how it goes. Tomorrow should be a damn good time…

Not long now Monday…not long.