There once was a man from Nantucket…this man read my know the rest of the song, so you should follow me on Twitter.

Ah Burton…he is consistent, you can never take that away from him. I am actually pretty jazzed to see Dark Shadows to be honest. Or Edward SciccsorHands VI: The Dark Shadowing. But really, I totally am.

Listen, I am developing a real problem with MtG now. I have built 8 decks and just want MORE! Chris Bergman came over last night an kicked my ass with his damn human quick deck… I shall have my revenge good sir.

All and all, not bad. The family and I actually watch We Bought a Zoo, and I had no idea it was going to make me cry like three times. Whatever. I have also been listening to a lot one one Mr. ALex Clare. I mentioned him before, and I am no closer to being able to give you an accurate description of his music. Just go check it out.

A pretty relaxed mothers day today. The family came over, dinner with the in-laws and then some Game of Thrones to end the day.

May Monday at least buy you dinner first.