This saved location data thing is getting blown way out of proportion…or is it? We want answers, what are you planning you dark techno wizard!?!?

To say I am a “Fan” of everything Apple is an epic understatement. I find myself fawning all over my monitor at the slightest murmur of a new apple SKU or, specs for a new laptop case are leaked. The vast majority of my RSS feeds are Apple Centric.

To be fair though, I have always had a mac. I have never been a “PC person”. My first computer was a Macintosh Performa 6200. I may still have it somewhere. Those who naysay simply have not spent enough time with the divine machines.

I currently am in possession of the holy trinity (Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad). My vocation affords me these artifacts, as I would be hard pressed to rationalize the purchases otherwise. That said, I think if the economic gods asserted it was time for a new line of work, me thinks I could never go back to not having these miraculous devices.

Plus my family would draw and quarter me if Angry Birds suddenly became less available.

Enjoy the strip.