The Strip: Panel one took me way too long. I was getting pretty frustrated to be honest. Glad it’s over. This comic came form a real conversation from over the weekend. I was at a pretty rad little kids birthday party, and the “grown-ups” were sitting around talking. One guy, who’s name I can not recall (my apologies), said he went to his first funeral, and said he had attended the “after part.” My buddy then informed him that those are called wakes. The moral of this tale is to, of course, always be vigilant.

Gaming: I had a raucous time at Arcade Legacy again this weekend. Fun times with buds. Played a fair amount of Mortal Kombat 3, Dr Who pinball, and then they owner allowed us to play Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on his giant projector. Lets just say that my thumbs have a few less layers of skin today. It feels great.

TV/Movies: True Blood is about to come on, and that is about all I have to report on that.

Music: Bastion Soundtrack. The Paper Chase, and still Mumford and Sons.

Life: Well the plot thickens on the rental property. I am pretty sure if we sell one of the kids we should have enough to cover everything. Don’t worry, when we sell them, I will tie a string to their foot, and after we have the cash, just yank them back.

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