The Strip: As I mentioned in Monday’s blog post, I rekindled the old flame of MtG…or Magic The Gathering. I am talking the tangible version here people. None of this xbox live jazz. Face to face raw emotion. Now the card depicted above is a total fabrication for humor sake, but here is a list of some real cards that are as mighty:


Blightsteel Colossus

Iona, Shield of Emeria

Baneslayer Angel

Sheoldred, Whispering One

Google these and bear witness to their respective might.

Gaming: I have become slightly addicted to Gave Dev Story and Hero much so that I have actually been commanded by my wife to stop playing them…so I did…pretty much. It sucks because I just purchased me some Dark Elf action…which seems racist. Also a little bit of Rayman with my daughter, which will most likely yield a strip for Friday.

Music: My pal Joey Reibling burned me a couple of good time party dance CD’s and I am enjoying the crap out of them. I need o get a track list from him so I can prattle off some of the great tunes names.

TV/Movies: Not a lot to speak of, though I did see a preview for a show coming out called The River. Looks intriguing. Anyone else heard anything about this?

Life: There is a tree in my back yard…its dead…it looms precariously over my domicile…soon it will meet its sticky end.

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Have yourself a merry little Wednesday.