This did happen, figuratively.

I am pretty sure a clan of twelve year old boys (possibly girls), had their merry way with me last night. My highest kill count was two. Yeah, two. Now this may inspire you to call me some variant of  “noob”, but I assure you, I played the shit outta some GOW.

Since “Epic’s Fail” with the second iteration, I have been away, shoot first person style. That gameplay, is in no way conducive the Gears universe. You have to totally rethink your strategy. Not only as far as you and team go, I mean you have to rethink your strategy in regards to the way you move IN the game. It felt totally foreign and cumbersome. That is not a dig at the game, it was meant for myself. I have become frail.

I did however sample some of the old flavor that made me rage quit Gears some time ago. One such incident involving a demon with a shotgun who sprinted where he pleased and made a red fountain of me at his whim. I could not stop his onslaught. Even if I knew he was coming.

Perhaps I will give it another go, or perhaps I will not. Only the time it takes to heal my sundered ass will tell.