I abhor door to door type sellers of things. They try to make you fell horrible and guilty…and sometimes, even afraid. Yes, I know It’s called “Door TWO Door.” It was meant to signify the duality of seller and the potential customer. This all started from an actual visit form a young lad who peered in my window and nearly caught me “mid-tap” (I know, this happens more than it should, I need curtains.) Well My son was napping upstairs and I didn’t want to turn off the security system, open the creaky door and have a guy talk way too loud about books or magazines or some shit (not to mention a fresh erection crowding my pants). So I stood by the door waiting for him to leave and thinking I would have to open the door if he persisted to ring the doorbell/knock obnoxiously. Well, I thought he would get tho hint being as he saw me and I saw him and I didn’t open the door. He then proceeded to vocalize his disgust with me not opening the door. It made me angry and I considered opening u the door and directing his eyes to my taught crotch region. I didn’t though…I just cowered in the doorway.

Wednesday until it stings,