The Strip: I want to apologize deeply to Notch for this. It had to be done. Yeah, if you hadn’t heard, Dragons in Minecraft son!

Gaming: I am currently downloading the Ace Combat demo. Something about that game has me very interested. I figured out Dead Island yesterday, they key, its to use an electrified axe. Stand on a hood of a car, and swing until your little heart content, or at least until your stamina meter runs out. Also, stockpile as many deodorant bombs as you can.

TV/Movies: Aladin was on Disney tonight…God…so hot.

Music: Listing to a little Nicki Minaj today, very little.

Life: So this damn rental property…ok, you win rental property, you’ve broken my spirit. Found out the other day the the place was broken into, as it sits empty, because its uninhabitable due to the amazing infestation of roaches. They broke in, stripped the place of copper pipes, and then for some reason…left all the shit there. All my cut pipes, just sitting in the basement. I must admit, I am very very depressed about this. It really has broken my will. We do have insurance but the deductible isnt cheap. DAMN IT!

Friday…I love you.