The Strip: This strip…it was a blast to try and emulate the master. Its hard not to do Skyrim strips…really hard. I think may just change my comic to Skyrim comics. Not really, but I totally could.

Gaming: Um…Skyrim.

TV/Movies: Ok, haven’t watched much. I did watch the victorious christmas special..or as I like to call it…boner hour. I was also alerted to a new show coming out on friday called Remains. Its from the director of 30 Days of Night. Looks interesting.

Life: Scott Kurtz, one of my comic idols wrote something that worried/angered me today. Se it here:

This seems hypocritical form someone who has been an advocate for the community his whole career. I wrote him an angry email. I hope he doesn’t destroy me. He really is a big inspiration of mine, and to see him pimping out such important knowledge to the highest bidder…even if that bidder would use the information against the community…makes me feel sick.

Also..if you want to help my friend win a contest for his amazing Ghost Rider poster, go here and vote:

Let Friday wash over you..