My brother doesnt (at least to my knowledge) practice any dark arts that are related to getting trashed. He does, however, seem to posses a certain [insert french word], that makes people want to party, and/or get really intoxicated. Its a gift. I wonder if there is some magical school somewhere for him. I hope not, as I am sure he would become the most powerful Drunkomancer the world has known.

Tonights episode of True Blood was my least favorite this season. Things are getting a little, I dunno, 2nd seasony. Still hopeful though. My wife and I watched an episode of Boardwalk empire a while back and I haven’t stooped thinking about it. i may watch the rest of the season. I have a lot of good things about it.

I cannot believe it but I still have not purchase the newest Black Ops zombie map. I was pretty turned off by the last instillation. I may end up picking it up though. In other game news…Minecraft…yeah, big surprise. We added another to our crew, and our kingdom is coming along nicely.

Had a great weekend by a pool, though my lilly white skin again paid dearly. I applied and then reapplied 50 children’s sunscreen, was never in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes, and and still look like Hellboy. There are even trees that hang over my parents pool and I literally stayed almost totally submerged in those shady waters as if I was trying to place a satchel on an enemy ship. The fiery ball in the sky still prevailed. Is it me or did the sun not hold the same sway as when I was a kid?

Anyway off to a uncomfortable sun burned slumber.