I’m not a fan of Duck Dynasty. I tried to watch an episode and it wasn’t for me. I can understand the appeal. Now the patriarch of the show Phil Robertson expressed his opinion about homosexuals in an interview in GQ. It was, we’ll say, “less than sensitive.” I’m sure gay people would agree that his flagrant ignorance was more comical than anything else. To be fair, I didn’t read the entire interview…but I can guess I don’t really need to. His statements about “black he grew up with” was, again, less overtly racist and more uninformed and probably insular at best. My frustration stems from both sides of the divide on this hot topic. No one is prohibiting his first amendment rights. His suspension was a business decision made by A&E. He can say what ever the hell he wants, whenever he wants..but A&E can also reciprocate (excluding any contractual stuff to which we are not privy). Now on the other end of the spectrum, people burning him in effigy because of his “overt racism and/or homophobia,” I don’t get either. I would say he’s harmless and you could argue that he carries weight because of the popularity of the Duck Dynasty franchise but for god sakes, pick your fights. Can we all just ease up on political correctness a bit. It’s like driving, if a cop followed you around all day, everyone breaks the law a little here and there. But when you break the law, you must expect some backlash. It’s that simple. In a world where Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers in Tiaras are actual things that happen on TV…Phil is the least of our problems.

Happy Friday,