If I wiggle, you can hear my tweets sloshing around in my belly. So obviously you will want to follow me on the Twitter.

I damn near didn’t do a strip as I was really devouring all the E3 info I missed throughout the day…and you could still fill many blog posts with the information i still don’t know. Luckily I have my man Chris Bergman in the trenches on the show floor updating me with insider info.

I must say it’s quite difficult balancing thinking and existing with all the E3 goodness going on, let alone actually working. I have E3 live coverage up and running all day so I can at least listen to the when I can.

Wanted to mention that my wife and I watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We loved it, though there were pretty intense, disturbing scenes. The lead actress, though at first seems a bit gross, wound up making me fall head over heels for her by the end of the film. Cant wait for the remaining two films.

May Wednesday guide you,