Ok, So it is that magical time of year, when menacing droves of geek,s nerds and media types descent on a sleepy little town in California (Los Angles I believe it is called). I would have loved to have taken off work to sit home all day and gorge on the feast of information. I do get tidbits at work. My next strip(s) will detail said information that I have assimilated.
I must admit that its a challenge to stay focused at work knowing E3 is going on as I sleepily try to provide adequate technical support.
So WWDC has come and gone. I am very excited about a lot of the stuff in Lion and ios 5. I have “concerns about icloud for sure. I have “information” I do not necessarily want in the steely grip of Apple. Nothing illicit, just personal stuff that will take some time for me to be able to feel comfortable “cloudifying.”
Well I am off to absorb more data. until Wednesday then.